Gaolian Xie

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Mitochondrially bound rat brain hexokinase was labeled with the photoactivatable reagent, 3-(trifluoromethyl)-3-(m-[125I]iodophenyl)diazirine. This highly hydrophobic reagent is strongly partitioned into the hydrophobic environment of the membrane core, and thus selectively labels segments of a protein that penetrate this region of the membrane. Labeling of(More)
Rat brain hexokinase (ATP:D-hexose-6-phosphotransferase; EC was derivatized with sulfosuccinimidyl-2-(m-azido-o-nitrobenzamido)ethyl-1,3'-dithiopro pionate (SAND), a photosensitive and cleavable crosslinking agent. The catalytic activity and mitochondrial binding properties of the enzyme were only marginally affected by reaction with SAND. When the(More)
Transcription of the plastid atpB gene is accomplished by plastid-encoded (PEP) and nuclear-encoded (NEP) RNA polymerases. In contrast to NEP promoters of many other plastid genes, the tobacco atpB NEP promoter exhibits robust activity in chloroplasts in vivo. Previously, in vitro transcription assays using extracts from non-photosynthetic cells identified(More)
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