Gaoli Chen

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The rational design of high-performance and cheap nanomaterials for multiple sustainable energy storage applications is extremely urgent but remains challenging. Herein, a facile commercial melamine-sponge-directed multicomponent surface self-assembly strategy has been reported to synthesize N-doped carbon aerogels (NCAs) with low density (0.01 g cm(-3)),(More)
The development of highly active, cheap and robust oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electrocatalysts to replace precious metal platinum is extremely urgent and challenging for renewable energy devices. Herein we report a novel, green and especially facile hydrogel strategy to construct N and B co-doped nanocarbon embedded with Co-based nanoparticles as an(More)
Supraparticles are self-limiting nanoparticle ensembles with attractive properties from their unique hierarchical (primary and secondary) structures. Aiming at relieving the bottleneck of the very limited material building blocks in DNA nanotechnology, we herein demonstrate Pt-based supraparticles as catalytic materials for valence-controllable and high(More)
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