Gaole Dai

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Two soluble and stable dianthraceno[a,e]pentalenes with two (DAP1) and six (DAP2) phenyl substituents were synthesized. Both compounds possess a small energy band gap and show amphoteric redox behaviour due to intramolecular donor-accepter interactions. X-ray crystallographic analysis revealed that DAP2 has a closely packed structure with multi-dimensional(More)
Hydrogel has been regarded as one significant biomaterial in biomedical and tissue engineering due to its high biocompatibility. This paper proposes a novel method to pattern calcium alginate hydrogel in a 3D way via electrodeposition process based on a piece of paper. Firstly, one insulating paper with patterned holes is placed on one indium tin oxide(More)
Incorporation of 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) moieties into the acene backbone has been successfully achieved and two heptacene-TCNQ derivatives and one nonacene-TCNQ derivative have been synthesized and well characterized. Two TCNQ moieties have been embedded into heptacene and nonacene backbones for the first time. All the three compounds have(More)
Several bisacenaphthopyrazinoquinoxaline (BAPQ) based derivatives 1-3 were synthesized by condensation between the acenaphthenequinones and 1,2,4,5-tetraaminobenzene tetrahydrochloride. Their optical, electrochemical and self-assembling properties are tuned by different substituents. Among them, compound 3 possesses a homogeneously distributed low-lying(More)
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