Gaohong Zhai

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Potential energy curves of 17 electronic states of rhodium monoxide (RhO) are calculated by multireference configuration interaction with single and double excitations (MRCISD). The ground state of RhO is determined to be a (4)Sigma(-) state with equilibrium bond length of 1.710 A and harmonic vibrational frequency of 825 cm(-1) at the MRCISD level of(More)
We have employed the SA2-CAS(4,4)/6-31G ab initio method together with an on-the-fly global-switching trajectory surface hopping algorithm to simulate photoisomerization reaction dynamics from reactant trans, trans-1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene (DPB) to products cis,trans-DPB and cis,cis-DPB. This topic has been extensively studied experimentally and the(More)
The parallel implementation of multireference configuration interaction program based on the hole-particle symmetry is described. The platform to implement the parallelization is an Intel-Architectural cluster consisting of 12 nodes, each of which is equipped with two 2.4-G XEON processors, 3-GB memory, and 36-GB disk, and are connected by a Gigabit(More)
Rechargeable lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries are receiving much attention due to their high specific capacity, low cost, and environmental friendliness. Nonetheless, fast capacity decay and low specific capacity still limit their practical implementation. Herein, we report a facile strategy to overcome these challenges by the design and fabrication of 3D(More)
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