Gaohong Zhai

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This paper considers a decentralized H 2 control problem for multi-channel linear time-invariant (LTI) descriptor systems. Our interest is to design a low order dynamic output feedback controller. The control problem is reduced to a feasibility problem of a bilinear matrix inequality (BMI) with respect to variables of a coefficient matrix defining the(More)
In this paper, we study L 2 gain property for a class of switched systems which are composed of both continuous-time LTI subsystems and discrete-time LTI subsystems. Under the assumption that all subsystems are Hurwitz/Schur stable and have the L 2 gain less than , we discuss the L 2 gain that the switched system could achieve. First, we consider the case(More)
The parallel implementation of multireference configuration interaction program based on the hole-particle symmetry is described. The platform to implement the parallelization is an Intel-Architectural cluster consisting of 12 nodes, each of which is equipped with two 2.4-G XEON processors, 3-GB memory, and 36-GB disk, and are connected by a Gigabit(More)
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