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High performance computing (HPC) has witnessed a great boom of computing capability in recent years, however storage capacity fails to keep pace with that rapid growth, coun-teracting the benefits brought by higher computing power. Two dominating bottlenecks have been pointed out: firstly, Small-size IO requests fail to leverage the advantage of current(More)
Network processing platform based on the multi-core CPU becomes more and more prevailing in nowadays. Buffer allocation/deallocation operations consume a large number of CPU cycles in packet I/O process. The problem becomes even worse in the scenario of packet forwarding, as buffer allocation/deallocation operations are more frequent than the host-based(More)
Datacenter is usually shared among different applications and tenants as cloud service infrastructure. Traditional network allocation reserves the bandwidth but the traffic behavior is unpredictable. InfiniBand (IB) is more widely applied in the construction of datacenter cluster and attracts more interest from the academic field as well. In this paper, we(More)
Although Layer-2 networking meets the requirement of data center operators, it can not scale in the existing Ethernet Data center Network (DCN). In this paper, motivated by the backwards compatibility of OpenFlow with current commodity switches, we propose a topology-independent software-defined edge control framework, named FRINGE, which exploits the(More)
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