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Business Process Execution Language for Web Services is a language, which can be used to define abstract and executable processes. It has became to be the defacto standard of Web Service composition. However, the security aspect of access control is explicitly mentioned to be outside the scope of BPEL. This paper focuses on the implementation of access(More)
Role is an important concept in collaboration systems and CSCW systems especially in the aspect of group awareness. This paper proposes a new group awareness model based on role by the research of role in collaboration systems and the analysis of existing awareness models. In the new proposed model, the task is decomposed into activities in order to acquire(More)
This paper considers that CSCW theory is still in immature phase. Effective theory is badly required in order to overcome the chasm in the developmental process. Moreover, CSCW systems consist of many specifications different with most traditional systems. These requirements pose new challenges to the formal description tools. This paper argues that a(More)
Information security and access control is an important part of CSCD applying. RBAC (role based access control) as an access control technology using for distributed system has been widely researched these years. Role hierarchies is one component of RBAC model, it can reduce the workload of permission assignment. Nowadays most research of RBAC has no(More)
This paper evaluates the compressor performance and reliability impact by using R32 refrigerant for air conditioning (residential and commercial system); Performance and reliability impacts are compared with different popular refrigerants used in China, for example, R410A & R22 for AC. The design improvement on the scroll compressor will be discussed in(More)
Currently, XML has become the fact standard of information description and information exchange. A great deal of data exists in the document's format of XMI in the Internet. How to acquire useful information from XML data has become the issue and XML keyword search has been highly concerned because of its friendliness for users. This paper does research on(More)
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