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Attention based automatic image cropping aims at preserving the most visually important region in an image. A common task in this kind of method is to search for the smallest rectangle inside which the summed attention is maximized. We demonstrate that under appropriate formulations, this task can be achieved using efficient algorithms with low(More)
Face image quality is an important factor affecting the accuracy of automatic face recognition. It is usually possible for practical recognition systems to capture multiple face images from each subject. Selecting face images with high quality for recognition is a promising stratagem for improving the system performance. We propose a learning to rank based(More)
In today's digital world, the scenario of the images has totally changed. We can do a lot of computation on the captured facial image for improving its quality. This is possible because of the availability of large number of digital platforms. These platforms have made the computational task easier and less time consuming. Instead of improving the quality(More)
We present a method searching for the main symmetric axis in an image based on the SAX representation which converts pixels to symbols and a classical linear time palindrome detecting algorithm. This method generates a curve outlining the axis by dynamic programming and produces a straight axis by RANSAC, a linear fitting method tolerates outliers. The(More)
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