Gaochao Suo

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In this article, three different inorganic/organic doped carbon aerogel (CA) materials (Ni-CA, Pd-CA, and Ppy-CA) were, respectively, mixed with ionic liquid (IL) to form three stable composite films, which were used as enhanced elements for an integrated sensing platform to increase the surface area and to improve the electronic transmission rate.(More)
A novel multi-function Metal-Organic Framework composite Ag@Zn-TSA (zinc thiosalicylate, Zn(C7H4O2S), Zn-TSA) was synthesized as highly efficient immobilization matrixes of myoglobin (Mb)/glucose oxidase (GOx) for electrochemical biosensing. The electrochemical biosensors based on Ag@Zn-TSA composite and ionic liquid (IL) modified carbon paste electrode(More)
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