Gao-fang Yin

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Mercaptopropionic acid (MPA) capped CdTe quantum dots (QDs) with particle size 3 nm have been successfully synthesized in aqueous medium by hydrothermal synthesis method. And the effects of different metal ions on MPA capped CdTe QDs fluorescence were studied using fluorescence spectrometry. The results demonstrated that at the same concentration level,(More)
The fluorescence intensity information was collected by scanning its fluorescence spectra at different excitation wavelengths. Based on its high sensitivity and selectivity, excitation-emission fluorescence can be widely used for detection of pollutants in the environment. The characterizations of the three phenolic compounds were investigated by this(More)
The present paper primarily tests and verifies the effect of NMF in blind source separation of three-dimensional simulative fluorescence spectra, and then four different computational algorithms (multiplicative iterative; alternating least square; second order method; projected gradient algorithm) were used in three practical phenolic compounds (cresol,(More)
Three-dimensional excitation-emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence spectroscopy was applied to characterize the mineral oil in ethanol. In the paper, a simple way of treating the first-order Rayleigh, Raman and second-order Rayleigh scatter is used involving subtracting an EEM of a solvent blank, and removing and replacing the values with zeros. The corrected(More)
The fast chlorophyll fluorescence induction curve contains rich information of photosynthesis. It can reflect various information of vegetation, such as, the survival status, the pathological condition and the physiology trends under the stress state. Through the acquisition of algae fluorescence and induced optical signal, the fast phase of chlorophyll(More)
The analysis of multi-component three-dimensional fluorescence overlapping spectra is always very difficult. In view of the advantage of differential spectra and based on the calculation principle of two-dimensional differential spectra, the three-dimensional fluorescence spectra with both excitation and emission spectra is fully utilized. Firstly, the(More)
Chlorophyll concentration and photosynthesis activity fluorescence parameters of Chlorella pyrenoidosa stressed by different concentrations of Cd2+ were measured based on algal growth inhibition tests and photosynthetic activity inhibition tests. The relationship between the algal photosynthetic activity inhibition rate and 96 h inhibition rate of specific(More)
Spectrofluorometry of chlorella pyrenoidosa was studied by three dimensional excitation-emission (3DEEM) fluorescence spectroscopy and synchronous scan fluorescence spectroscopy with Delta gamma = 20 nm in the stress of Hg+, Cd2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+. The conclusion from two kinds of Spectrofluorometry was the same: after 96h stress by heavy metals, the maximum(More)
The present paper firstly denoises the signal with morphological method, selecting sine-shaped structure element, using the morphological difference in waveform between the three-dimensional fluorescence and noise signal, then singular value decomposition is applied to the denoised data, and finally the chemical rank is determinated jointing eigenvalues and(More)
According to the phytoplankton fluorescence induction characteristics under different light conditions, chlorophyll fluorescence as a probe for analysis of phytoplankton photosynthesis was studied. The present paper proposed a in-situ measurement method based on the chlorophyll fluorescence values Ft and Fm to get phytoplankton photosynthesis activity,(More)