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Carrizo citrange was the most tolerant citrus rootstock to B-deficiency and some physiological performance could be attributed to the decreased mineral nutrient concentrations caused by B-deficiency. Boron (B) is an essential microelement for normal growth and development in vascular plants, and adequate B nutrition is crucial for agricultural production.(More)
In a preliminary study on improving manufacturing control of composite wood products, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was tested to determine moisture content (MC) of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) flakes that are used in oriented strand board (OSB) manufacturing. Three drying cycles (of 1 kg each) of aspen flakes were scanned at different(More)
A new wave of portable biosensors allows frequent measurement of health-related physiology. We investigated the use of these devices to monitor human physiological changes during various activities and their role in managing health and diagnosing and analyzing disease. By recording over 250,000 daily measurements for up to 43 individuals, we found(More)
This study investigated the use of monoethanolamine (Mea) solution to extract copper from alkaline copper quat (ACQ)-treated wood. Mea could extract more than 90 % of copper from ACQ-treated wood. The formation of stable neutral Cu(Mea)2 in Mea solution is the main mechanism for Mea extraction. The effects of process parameters: pH, Mea concentration and(More)
Although differential detection and equalization with scrambling decision feedback can help DFT scrambling vector OFDM (DFT-SV-OFDM) system under frequency-selective fading channels with channel estimation errors, however, high mobility which caused random Doppler frequency shift may significantly degrade the achievable BER performance. In this paper, a new(More)
Although the single antenna vector OFDM (V-OFDM) and other similar systems have the advantages of robustness to channel spectral nulls and high spectrum efficiency, its practicability may be degraded by the system high complexity. In this paper, a novel DFT scrambling vector OFDM (DFT-SV-OFDM) scheme is developed. Compared with V-OFDM system, this scheme(More)
Recently, a new multiple access scheme called interleave-division multiple access (IDMA) has attracted much attention, in which interleaves are used as the only means for user separation. It has been shown that the IDMA can achieve near single user performance in multi-user environment with very low receiver complexity. In this paper, active users are(More)
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