Gao-Zhong Ding

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BACKGROUND Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) are rare but severe cutaneous drug reactions. They are differentiated based on the fraction of the body surface area affected. Optimal therapy for SJS and TEN is a controversial issue. OBJECTIVE We compared the treatments given to and the clinical outcomes of 39 cases of SJS(More)
Vitiligo and halo nevi are both pigmentary disorders of the skin characterized by the acquired loss of functional epidermal melanocytes manifesting as white macules and patches. The cellular mechanism(s) and biochemical changes that result in the appearance of these two types of achromic lesions are still uncertain; and the relationship between vitiligo and(More)
Skin color is determined by the number of melanin granules produced by melanocytes that are transferred to keratinocytes. Melanin synthesis and the distribution of melanosomes to keratinocytes within the epidermal melanin unit (EMU) within the skin of vitiligo patients have been poorly studied. The ultrastructure and distribution of melanosomes in(More)
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