Gao Xiaoguang

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According to the relationship of Bayesian networks' nodes, the nodes are divided into deterministic node, non-deterministic node and incomplete deterministic node, so the number of conditional probability required for the node is reduced evidently through corresponding pattern. The knowledge representation of intelligent decision of weapon system using the(More)
This paper, aims at the problem of solving nonlinear hybrid integer programming using the modified genetic algorithm on the basis of designing new encoding scheme and genetic operators. Applied to the problem of missile effectiveness optimization in attacking group targets, the new algorithm proves to be effective and efficient.
One integrated algorithm for a couple of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to follow a ground target cooperatively is presented. By introducing the funnel function and parameter freezing methods, communication and detection constraints are steadily maintained. Besides, cooperative strategy for measurement fusion purifies the noised geolocation data of the(More)
At present, the cooperative operation pattern of manned/unmanned aerial vehicle team has became a focus of international research. To assessment the cooperative effect of manned/unmanned aerial vehicle team, some influential factors are analyzed and a analysis model of cooperative effect is built based on fuzzy cognitive map(FCM). From simulation results,(More)
In cooperative missions, if an individual UAV does not have sufficient resources to neutralize a target then a coalition of UAVs may needs to be formed that fulfills the target resource requirement. This paper proposes an algorithm for the decentralized coalition formation of multiple heterogeneous UAVs that cooperatively perform a search and attack task to(More)
Using GA (Genetic Algorithm) the paper discussed the cost-effective problem of military equipment R&D (research and development) from the economics viewpoint, gave an investment cost-effective prediction method in the military equipment investment plan: (1) under the effectiveness object determined to predict the optimal investment law and the minimum(More)
A kind of Multi-UAVs cooperative control algorithm under a disaster search and rescue scenario is presented. The states of UAVs are separated as search and relay. In search state, UAVs constantly look for wireless signals from the ground rescue workers by planning path under communication constraints. In relay state, UAVs share information without delay by(More)
Amplitude limiting of SAR target is one important preprocessing procedure in SAR target recognition. Traditional amplitude limiting adopted simple threshold value and is usually sensitive to noise. In this paper, a novel method for limiting amplitude is proposed, which is based on the priori knowledge that normally the strong scatter points are nearby(More)
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