Gao Xianlong

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Interacting two-component Fermi gases loaded in a one-dimensional (1D) lattice and subjected to an harmonic trapping potential exhibit interesting compound phases in which fluid regions coexist with local Mott-insulator and/or band-insulator regions. Motivated by experiments on cold atoms inside disordered optical lattices, we present a theoretical study of(More)
Abstract. Using an asymptotic phase representation of the particle density operator ρ̂(z) in the one-dimensional harmonic trap, the part δρ̂F (z) which describes the Friedel oscillations is extracted. The expectation value 〈δρ̂F (z)〉 with respect to the interacting ground state requires the calculation of the mean square average of a properly defined phase(More)
Abstract. A phase operator formulation for a recent model of interacting onedimensional fermions in a harmonic trap is developed. The resulting theory is similar to the corresponding approach for the Luttinger model with open boundary conditions (OBC). However, in place of the spatial coordinate z, a dimensionless variable u defined on the unit circle(More)
The Luther-Emery liquid is a state of matter that is predicted to occur in one-dimensional systems of interacting fermions and is characterized by a gapless charge spectrum and a gapped spin spectrum. In this Letter we discuss a realization of the Luther-Emery phase in a trapped cold-atom gas. We study by means of the density-matrix renormalization-group(More)
It is demonstrated in many thermodynamic textbooks that the equivalence of the different ensembles is achieved in the thermodynamic limit. In this present work we discuss the inequivalence of microcanonical and canonical ensembles in a finite ultracold system at low energies. We calculate the microcanonical momentum distribution function (MDF) in a system(More)
Motivated by the large interest in the nonequilibrium dynamics of low-dimensional quantum many-body systems, we present a fully microscopic theoretical and numerical study of the charge and spin dynamics in a one-dimensional ultracold Fermi gas following a quench. Our approach, which is based on time-dependent current-density-functional theory, is(More)
The ground state properties of the Hubbard model with or without long-range interactions in the regime with strongly repulsive on-site interactions are investigated by means of the exact diagonalization method. We show that the appearance of N-crests in the density profile of a trapped N-fermion system is a natural result of 'fermionization' between(More)
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