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Accuracy and speed are the two most important metrics for Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (NIDS/NIPSes). Due to emerging polymorphic attacks and the fact that in many cases regular expressions (regexes) cannot capture the vulnerability conditions accurately, the accuracy of existing regex-based NIDS/NIPS systems has become a serious problem.(More)
Accuracy and speed are the two most im-<lb>portant metrics for Network Intrusion Detection or Pre-<lb>vention Systems (NIDS/NIPSes). Due to emerging poly-<lb>morphic attacks and the fact that in many cases regu-<lb>lar expressions (regexes) cannot capture the vulnerabil-<lb>ity conditions accurately, the accuracy of existing regex-<lb>based NIDS/NIPS(More)
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) relies highly on regular expression due to its power of description, generalization and flexibility. In DPI, packet payload is compared against a large number of rules written in regular expression. To achieve high throughput, multiple regular expressions are combined and compiled into one DFA, which leads to two problems: a)(More)
Switch-Memory-Switch (SMS) architecture exhibits an excellent performance due to its emulating the Output Queueing structure. However, in order to achieve the maximal matching, the first stage scheduling operates at a huge computational complexity, which blocks the SMS from practical implementation. In order to put SMS into more effective industrial(More)
A* algorithm is widely used in the game for diameter, is currently one of the more popular heuristic search algorithm, but the algorithm has the problem of searching time and path. In this paper, a bidirectional search A* algorithm is proposed to improve the search efficiency and ensure the accuracy of the search, and effectively solve the problem of path(More)
A novel 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid surface imprinted solid-phase sorbent was synthesized. The as-prepared material was characterized by SEM, Brunauer-Emmett-Teller surface area analysis and Fourier Transform IR measurements. Then its adsorption properties for alkyl imidazolium ionic liquids, including adsorption capacities, adsorption(More)
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