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This paper presents the design, manufacture and electrical test of a novel integrated III:V low concentrator photovoltaic and thermoelectric device for enhanced solar energy harvesting efficiency. The PCB-based platform is a highly reliable means of controlling CPV cell operational temperature under a range of irradiance conditions. The design enables(More)
Microwave, as a clean and efficient energy, can solve growing levels of pollution and energy problems. But In the process of industrial production, the use of high-power microwave will cause hot spots, thermal runaway, or even explode. Therefore we need to achieve intelligent control of microwave, to ensure the safe and efficient use of microwave energy.(More)
The Closed-Loop Integrated Cooler (CLIC) is a novel technique deployed on experimental apparatus to accurately measure, monitor and control the temperature of optoelectronic devices. Demonstrated here within a Concentrator Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric (CPV-TE) hybrid device, the thermoelectric module was used as a solid state sensor and heat pump in order to(More)
Multi-junction photovoltaic cells utilise the incident solar spectrum effectively with photon to cell efficiencies of up to 46% recently achieved for a wafer-bonded four-junction cell [1]. However even industry standard designs, such as monolithic lattice matched triple junction architectures, have high manufacturing costs. Optical concentration is an(More)
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