Gao Lin

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Shape deformation is a fundamental tool in geometric modeling. Existing methods consider preserving local details by minimizing some energy functional measuring local distortions in the L 2 norm. This strategy distributes distortions quite uniformly to all the vertices and penalizes outliers. However, there is no unique answer for a natural deformation as(More)
  • GOTO, WU Cheng-Gang, ZHANG Zhao-Qing, QIAO Ru-Liang, FENG Xiao-Bing, GAO Lin +3 others
  • 2004
COBOL, a traditional language, has been presented for more than 50 years. There are at least 100 billion lines of legacy codes written in COBOL up to now. An effective way to maintain these legacy codes is to translate them into modern languages, such as Java. While translating, it is a key-step to eliminate 'GOTO' and 'PERFORM' and their compound control(More)
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