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1. We investigated the nitric oxide (NO) dependence of vasorelaxation in response to different calcium channel blockers (CCB), in rabbit femoral artery in vivo. 2. Anaesthetized rabbits underwent femoral artery ligation, and blood from the proximal artery was returned distal to the ligature through a constant infusion pump. The effects of local injection of(More)
Combined cycle plants have significant impact on the primary frequency regulation stability of a power system. Because of the complexity and non-linearity of combined cycle plants, the modeling is very challenging. It is important to propose a simplified mathematical model for studying primary frequency regulation characteristics of combined cycle plants.(More)
Outlier detection plays an important role for data analysis in data mining. Aiming at outlier characters of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) such as few samples, high frequency and large range, a new outlier detection algorithm based on probability theory and fuzzy clustering method (FCM) is proposed. Firstly, the new algorithm judges data variation,(More)
This work was initiated to study the competitive sorption effect on phenanthrene and pyrene extraction during the aging process in phaeozem, burozem, aquorizem and krasnozem with or without freeze-thawing cycles. Soils contaminated with 100 μg g(-1) phenanthrene and 100 μg g(-1) pyrene separately and combined were extracted by 10 g L(-1) surfactant SDBS(More)
OBJECTIVE to investigate the prevalence and risk factors of diabetes to dementia and its subtypes such as Alzheimer disease (AD) and vascular dementia (VD) among the Chinese elderly population. METHODS among 8,213 Chinese people aged 65 years and older, 1,109 subjects with type 2 diabetes millitus (T2DM) were ascertained by interview and direct glucose(More)