Gao Lin Liang

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This research aims to study the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of phytoestrogen kobophenol A (1), the main active compound of Caragana sinica (Buc'hoz) Rehd. (Fabaceae), in rats. Metabolites of 1 in rats' feces were isolated and purified by multi-chromatograph techniques; three new metabolites of 1, named koboquinone A (M1), koboquinone B (M2) and(More)
Nineteen new derivatives of the naturally occurring compound, goniothalamin, were prepared by chemical modification and semi-synthetic methods. The antitumor activities of these derivatives and goniothalamin were evaluated in vitro against human tumor cell lines, and most of them showed an inhibitory effect against HL-60 cancer cells. The derivatives(More)
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