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This letter introduces a novel estimator of equivalent number of looks (ENL) that can be applied to any distribution of texture model, i.e., an estimator that is texture invariant. The novel estimator is the Development of Trace Moments (DTM), which cancels the textural variation using trace moments. Five forms of the DTM estimator using submatrices are(More)
Image fusion is an important embranchment in information fusion. In image processing, information fusion techniques are able to significantly reduce uncertainty and inaccuracy in the information obtained from any single source alone. In this paper, a new method based on D-S evidence theory and ANOVA (Analysis Of Variance) method is proposed for image(More)
In this paper, a novel structure of 3D camera based on laser double triangulation displacement sensor is proposed. By placing two mirrors in the optical routes, double triangulation can be gotten by using only one CCD. Through designing the place and angle of these mirrors, the Scheimpflug condition could be met in whole measurement range of the sensor. And(More)
Performance of conventional baseband digital predistortion method for power amplifiers (PAs) degrades severely as the accuracy of loop delay compensation (LDC) decreases. The existing LDC error free method based on cumulative distribution function (CDF) neglects the phase nonlinearity of PA and therefore further application is limited. An improved CDF(More)
It is critical to effectively monitor the function completeness of complete shortwave transmitting equipment and accurately grasp the real working state of the transmitting system. This paper proposes a new monitoring system, which has the capability to monitor the power character and antenna feeder matching characters in the transmitting system. To avoid(More)
Desert ant (Cataglyphis) is famous for its ability in navigation. In a desert with very few visual and odor information, the ant can return it's den almost along a straight line after foraging away in a distance of much more than thousands of times of it's body length. Two main mechanisms compose Cataglyphis's navigational toolbox: path integration and(More)
Traditional fault detector technique can hardly adapt to the modern electronic technique. This paper introduces how to set up military electronic equipmentspsila portable fault detector based on magnetic image, which can fast detect the electronic equipment in the scene. The detector has made use of ARM and uC/OS-II as the developing platform, taking(More)
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