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Diffusion of Fission Fragment Nuclides in Granite
The diffusion behavior of ' " I , "Sc , ' "Cs, and "''•'"'Sr (simulating '"I, "Sc, ' "Cs and ^'Sr, respectively) in granite was studied with a specially designed diffusion cell. The Sorption dynamicExpand
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Calculating the Structural Parameters of Microemulsion Systems by Dilution Method
The structural parameters of the SDS(sodium dodecyl sulfate)-alcohol-heptane-water system,i.e.,the radius of inner water droplet R_w,the effective radius ofparticle R_e,the length of interface l,theExpand
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Foreign-bodily Measurement, the Status Quo, Dilemma And Prospective of Government Performance Measurement of China
Although it has been prevailing across the whole nation, yet, in fact, China‟s Government Performance Measurement is still in its primitive stage, at which is immature and devoid of experience, moreExpand
Mechanism of gold solvent extraction from aurocyanide solution by quaternary amines: models of extracting species based on hydrogen bonding
The mechanism of gold solvent extraction from KAu(CN)2 solution was investigated by means of FTIR, EXAFS, ICP and radioactive tracer methods. Two extraction systems were studied, namely N263-tributylExpand
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Ray irradiation was successfully used in the surfactant-free emulsion copolymerization of N,N′-methylenebisacrylamide(Bis) and 4-vinylpyridine(4-VP),leading to a series of microgels with averageExpand
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Mathematical Interpretation on the Knowledge of Projectile Motion in Zhong Xueby Late Qing Traditional Chinese Mathematicians
The knowledge of projectile motion in Zhong Xue greatly aroused the attention of traditional Chinese mathematicians in the late Qing Dynasty.Using his knowledge of circle,Li Shanlan first of all gaveExpand