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— In order to achieve autonomous operation of a vehicle in urban situations with unpredictable traffic, several realtime systems must interoperate, including environment perception, localization, planning, and control. In addition, a robust vehicle platform with appropriate sensors, computational hardware, networking, and software infrastructure is(More)
This article presents the architecture of Junior, a robotic vehicle capable of navigating urban environments autonomously. In doing so, the vehicle is able to select its own routes, perceive and interact with other traffic, and execute various urban driving skills including lane changes, U-turns, parking, and merging into moving traffic. The vehicle(More)
Three European patients had chronic active forms of Borrelia burgdorferi infection of the nervous system, with high titers of antibodies to this spirochete in serum and CSF. Two patients had meningitis for 3 to 4 years, with remissions in one and slowly progressive symptoms in the other. Both had CT lucencies in the basal ganglia. The third patient had(More)
We introduce Meerkats, a wireless network of battery-operated camera nodes that can be used for monitoring and surveillance of wide areas. One distinguishing feature of Meerkats (when compared, for example, with systems like Cyclops [10]) is that our nodes are equipped with sufficient processing and storage capabilities to be able to run relatively(More)
The pathogenesis of chronic manifestations in Lyme borreliosis, a disease induced by Borrelia burgdorferi, is at present unresolved. By testing monoclonal antibodies directed against various borrelia antigens, we found an antigenic determinant shared by the 41 kDa flagella protein and human tissue, especially prominent on myelinated fibers of human(More)
Sera of 106 multiple sclerosis patients and 103 closely matched controls were examined for Borrelia burgdorferi antibodies. The prevalence rate in multiple sclerosis patients was 14.2%, in controls 25.2%. Overall prevalence was 20.1%. Mean IgG antibody level was insignificantly higher in controls than in multiple sclerosis patients. Patients with a chronic(More)