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This article attempts to investigate the various types of threats that exist in healthcare information systems (HIS). A study has been carried out in one of the government-supported hospitals in Malaysia.The hospital has been equipped with a Total Hospital Information System (THIS). The data collected were from three different departments, namely the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to identify the threats that exist in Healthcare Information Systems (HIS). The study has been carried out in three different departments namely, Information Technology Department (ITD), Medical Record Department (MRD) and X-Ray Department in one of the leading government supported hospital in Malaysia. The hospital was equipped(More)
The concerns in healthcare services is needed to deal with privacy and data security risks in handling electronic healthcare records (EHR). With the limitation of the existing literature dealing with number of factors that influence information privacy concerns in EHR, the main objective of this study is to review recent studies on information privacy(More)
Cloud computing has become today’s most common technology buzzword. Despite the promises of cloud computing to decrease computing implementation costs and deliver computing as a service, which allows clients to pay only for what they need and use, cloud computing also raises many security concerns. Most popular risk assessment standards, such as ISO27005,(More)
Threats to information security for healthcare information system increased tremendously. There are various factors contribute to information security threats, many researchers focused only to certain factors which interest them (e.g., virus attack). Certain factors which may be important remain unexplored. In addition, lack of tools and technologies(More)
Nowadays, organizations discover that it is essential to protect their information, and adopt several approaches in protecting their valuable information and internal resources from unauthorized access. Network Intrusion Detection System is one type of tools that computer security administrators may use to perform network monitoring, and analyze whether(More)
In this paper, we attempt to introduce a new method for performing risk analysis studies by effectively utilizing the existing risk management process framework with adoptions of medical approaches namely survival analysis approach. Under survival analysis approach, a method which is known as Cox Proportional Hazards (PH) Model will be applied in order to(More)
In order to attain a world class e-government service delivery, the implementation of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is highly recommended to reflect efficient and effective public service delivery. However, agency readiness to embrace and sustain EA practices remains a concern. The aims of this research are i) to identify available mechanisms in measuring(More)