Ganime Sadikoglu

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In 1990 we carried out a survey on public attitudes toward organ donation in a Turkish community. We repeated this study 12 years later in order to evaluate the changes that had taken place in the meantime. Using the same questionnaire and method, we repeated the study in a different part of the city with similar socio-economic characteristics as in the(More)
BACKGROUND Cervical cancer is one of the ten most frequent cancers in Turkey. It is well known that cervical cancer morbidity and mortality could be significantly reduced with an active cervical smear screening (Pap smear) program. AIMS THE AIMS OF THIS STUDY WERE: 1) to evaluate the knowledge and attitudes of women about cervical smear testing; 2) to(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is in the spotlight of society. However, what is the position of physicians at this point? OBJECTIVES To determine general practitioners' (GP) knowledge, attitudes, and approaches to CAM. METHODS All GPs (n=521) practicing in Bursa Province, Turkey were surveyed by a questionnaire. RESULTS(More)
Obesity is the presence of either abnormal absolute amount or relative proportion of body fat. Contrary to gluteal obesity, visceral obesity is associated with different metabolic alterations including insulin resistance (IR). A relatively new adipocytokine visfatin is shown to be expressed predominantly in visceral fat and exhibit insulin-mimicking effects(More)
CONTEXT Students start their medical study with the opinion that saving lives and preventing deaths are the main goals of medicine. So, what will they do when faced with dying patients? How will they feel; how will they communicate? These are important, but often unspoken and neglected, issues. OBJECTIVES We assessed the attitudes and opinions of(More)
In Turkey, breast cancer is the leading type of cancer and cause of cancer-related deaths among women, but information is limited on mammography practices. The objectives of the present study were to identify associations between attitudes and knowledge about mammography and socio-demographic indicators and having a mammogram. The participants of this(More)
In almost every country, the organ supply for transplantation does not match the increasing demand; health professionals may play an important role in eliminating barriers and increasing organ donation. Therefore, assessing medical students’ knowledge and attitudes regarding organ donation is important for the future organ supply. Some 409 of 508 firstand(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the causes that affect the time from the onset of symptoms to admission to the hospital, in patients with a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (MI). METHODS The study was carried out between January 2004 and January 2005 in the Emergency Room of the Uludag University Faculty of Medicine (UUFM) Hospital, Turkey. A total of 180(More)
To the Editor: Breast cancer is responsible for the largest proportion of female deaths from any form of cancer in Turkey and has accounted for approximately 16.7% of all cancer-related deaths in recent years (1,2). Population-based studies have shown that mammography can be effective in early detection and can reduce breast cancer mortality (3–5). The(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is a difference between risk factors in patients diagnosed to have clinically documented lower extremity venous disease after confirming the diagnosis radiologically by ultrasonographic and venographic evaluation. METHODS This study was performed from January 2002 to January 2005 in Bursa, the fourth biggest city of(More)