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An algorithm for extrinsic parameters calibration of a camera and a laser range finder using line features
This paper presents an effective algorithm for calibrating the extrinsic parameters between a camera and a laser range finder whose trace is invisible. On the basis of an analysis of three possibleExpand
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Effective corner matching based on Delaunay triangulation
Matching corners between images is an important and difficult problem in stereo vision and many other vision applications, and no effective method has been developed to cope with general cases. InExpand
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A stereo matching algorithm based on color segments
Traditionally, the problem of stereo matching has been addressed either by a sparse feature-based approach or a dense area-based approach. This technique still suffers from a lack in accuracy or longExpand
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An Efficient Face Normalization Algorithm Based on Eyes Detection
This paper presents an effective and efficient face normalization method based on eyes location. The face is first rapidly detected based on boosted cascade of simple Haar-like features. Then, theExpand
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A distributed and adaptive data flow system for SMS
This paper describes a CMPP (china mobile peer to peer) Internet distributed and adaptive system for SMS (short messaging service). It is used to provide the information for the users of the cellExpand
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The Calibration Algorithm Between 2D Laser Range Finder and Platform
A calibration algorithm between 2 dimension laser range finder (2D LRF) and platform was described in this paper for the color measurement system. A calibration board with right angle outline wasExpand
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The Calibration Algorithm of a 3D Color Measurement System based on the Line Feature
This paper describes a novel 3 dimensional color measurement system. After 3 kinds of geometrical features are analyzed, the line features were selected. A calibration board with right-angledExpand
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A New Tracking-Telemetry-Control Method of LEO Satellites Based on Navigation Messages
After the typical Global Navigation Satellite Systems were analyzed, a novel method Tracking-Telemetry-Control (TT&C) was presented in this paper for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite based on theExpand
View synthesis based on texture mapping
In image-based rendering (IBR) applications, how to effectively and efficiently interpolate two consecutive images is a crucial and difficult problem to rend smooth transition. This paper presents aExpand