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Most previous works on saliency detection are dedicated to 2D images. Recently it has been shown that 3D visual information supplies a powerful cue for saliency analysis. In this paper, we propose a novel saliency method that works on depth images based on anisotropic center-surround difference. Instead of depending on absolute depth, we measure the(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel interactive image seg-mentation method for RGB-D images using hierarchical Graph Cut. Considering the characteristics of RGB channels and depth channel in RGB-D image, we utilize Euclidean distance on RGB space and geodesic distance on 3D space to measure how likely a pixel belongs to foreground or background in color and(More)
Image retargeting aims to adapt images to various screens with small sizes and arbitrary aspect ratios. In this paper, we propose a novel image retargeting approach based on region warping, which emphasizes the image parts with important content while reducing the visual distortion over the whole image. First, the original image is decomposed into(More)
Recent years, the stereo image has become an emerging media in the field of 3D technology and numerous 3D devices have emerged. For example, 3D smartphone, stereo camera, DV, 3D TV, 3D projector and so on. And this made the stereo media more and more popular. When searching stereo images on Flickr, we get a large number of results and the number is still(More)