Gangseong Lee

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Abstract: In this paper, a modified GrabCut algorithm is proposed using a clustering technique to reduce image noise. GrabCut is an image segmentation method based on GraphCut starting with a user-specified bounding box around the object to be segmented. In the modified version, the original image is filtered using the median filter to reduce noise and then(More)
The maximum amplitude algorithm (MAA) is generally utilized in the estimation of the pressure values, and it uses heuristically obtained ratios of systolic and diastolic oscillometric amplitude to the mean arterial pressure (known as systolic and diastolic ratios) in order to estimate the systolic and diastolic pressures. This paper proposes a Bayesian(More)
In this paper, a row-direction reconstruction algorithm is proposed to recover the lost depth information from a monocular image. The depth of objects in an image is usually determined by the depth of the bottom area of objects. Therefore, using the relationship between the upper and lower areas, a depth map is reconstructed for processing in the(More)
This paper presents a new normalized cut algorithm using a bilateral filter for fast transmission in Intelligent Traffic Control System (ITS) based on ubiquitous technology. The algorithm employs a bilateral filter to produce a binarized image used to extract outlines with the Canny Edge algorithm then applies dilation with improved normalized cut to(More)
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