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Two lightweight block cipher families, Simon and Speck, have been proposed by researchers from the NSA recently. In this paper, we introduce Simeck, a new family of lightweight block ciphers that combines the good design components from both Simon and Speck, in order to devise even more compact and efficient block ciphers. For Simeck32/64, we can achieve(More)
WG-8 is a lightweight instance of the Welch-Gong (WG) stream cipher family, targeting for resource-constrained devices like RFID tags, smart cards, and wireless sensor nodes. Recent work has demonstrated the advantages of tower field constructions for finite field arithmetic in the AES and WG-16 ciphers. In this paper we explore three different tower field(More)
Pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) are very important for EPC Class 1 Gener­ ation 2 (EPC C1 G2) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems. A PRNG is able to provide a 16-bit random number that is used in many commands of the EPC C1 G2 standard, and it can also be used in future security extensions of the EPC C1 G2 standard, such as mutual(More)
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