Gangqiang Dong

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Root gravitropism is affected by many environmental stresses, including salinity, drought, and nutrient deficiency. One significant environmental stress, excess ammonium (NH(4)(+)), is well documented to inhibit root elongation and lateral root formation, yet little is known about its effects on the direction of root growth. We show here that inhibition of(More)
Foliar NH4(+) exposure is linked to inhibition of lateral root (LR) formation. Here, the role of shoot ethylene in NH4(+)-induced inhibition of LR formation in Arabidopsis was investigated using wild-type and mutant lines that show either blocked ethylene signalling (etr1) or enhanced ethylene synthesis (eto1, xbat32). NH4(+) exposure of wild-type(More)
Ammonium (NH4 +) toxicity is a significant agricultural problem globally, compromising crop growth and productivity in many areas. However, the molecular mechanisms of NH4 + toxicity are still poorly understood, in part due to a lack of valuable genetic resources. Here, a novel Arabidopsis mutant, amos2 (ammonium overly sensitive 2), displaying(More)
A radial p-n junction solar cell based on vertically free-standing silicon nanowire (SiNW) array is realized using a novel low-temperature and shallow phosphorus doping technique. The SiNW arrays with excellent light trapping property were fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching technique. The shallow phosphorus doping process was carried out in a hot(More)
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