Gangqiang Dong

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Foliar NH4(+) exposure is linked to inhibition of lateral root (LR) formation. Here, the role of shoot ethylene in NH4(+)-induced inhibition of LR formation in Arabidopsis was investigated using wild-type and mutant lines that show either blocked ethylene signalling (etr1) or enhanced ethylene synthesis (eto1, xbat32). NH4(+) exposure of wild-type(More)
Ammonium (NH4 +) toxicity is a significant agricultural problem globally, compromising crop growth and productivity in many areas. However, the molecular mechanisms of NH4 + toxicity are still poorly understood, in part due to a lack of valuable genetic resources. Here, a novel Arabidopsis mutant, amos2 (ammonium overly sensitive 2), displaying(More)
A radial p-n junction solar cell based on vertically free-standing silicon nanowire (SiNW) array is realized using a novel low-temperature and shallow phosphorus doping technique. The SiNW arrays with excellent light trapping property were fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching technique. The shallow phosphorus doping process was carried out in a hot(More)
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