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The primary method for assessing fracture risk in osteoporosis relies primarily on measurement of bone mass. Estimation of fracture risk is most often evaluated using logistic or proportional hazards models. Notwithstanding the success of these models, there is still much uncertainty as to who will or will not suffer a fracture. This has led to a search for(More)
(Updated) Eye movements while watching video: comparisons across viewer groups Identifying the area of interest (AOI) on a video frame may be necessary: (1) to develop a television magnifying aid for people with low vision; (2) to implement some data compression schemes; and (3) to transform images for rendering on devices with small display areas. We(More)
BACKGROUND Morphological and geometric differences between male and female feet can be the decisive factor of whether well-fitting, functional, and comfortable footwear is available for both men and women. METHODS Optical scans, plaster wrap casts, and a set of manual measurements from the right feet of 51 female participants, aged 20 to 59 years (32 +/-(More)
This paper reports on a new ultrasound device for noninvasive assessment of bone. The device, known as the QRT 2000 – for Quantitative Real-Time-is entirely self-contained, portable, and handheld. The QRT 2000 is powered by 4 " AA " rechargeable batteries and permits near real-time evaluation of a novel set of ultrasound parameters and their on-line display(More)
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