Gangman Yi

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MOTIVATION An increasing body of literature shows that genomes of eukaryotes can contain clusters of functionally related genes. Most approaches to identify gene clusters utilize microarray data or metabolic pathway databases to find groups of genes on chromosomes that are linked by common attributes. A generalized method that can find gene clusters(More)
An important strategy to study genome evolution is to investigate the clustering of orthologous genes among multiple genomes, in which the most popular approaches require that the distance between adjacent genes in a cluster be small. We investigate a different formulation based on constraining the overall size of a cluster and develop statistical(More)
Automated protein function prediction defines the designation of functions of unknown protein functions by using computational methods. This technique is useful to automatically assign gene functional annotations for undefined sequences in next generation genome analysis (NGS). NGS is a popular research method since high-throughput technologies such as DNA(More)
Resource management of the main memory and process handler is critical to enhancing the system performance of a web server. Owing to the transaction delay time that affects incoming requests from web clients, web server systems utilize several web processes to anticipate future requests. This procedure is able to decrease the web generation time because(More)
Even though existing low-power listening (LPL) protocols have enabled ultra-low-power operation in wireless sensor networks (WSN), they do not address trade-off between energy and delay, since they focused only on energy aspect. However, in recent years, a growing interest in various WSN applications is requiring new design factors, such as minimum delay(More)