Ganghee Lee

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Time-to-market pressure and the ever-growing design complexity of multiprocessor system-on-chips have demanded an efficient design environment that enables fast exploration of large design space. In this article, we introduce a new design environment, called SoCDAL, for accelerating multiprocessor system-on-chip design through fast design-space exploration(More)
On-chip communication design includes designing software (SW) parts (operating system, device drivers, interrupt service routines, etc.) as well as hardware (HW) parts (on-chip communication network, communication interfaces of processor/IP/memory, on-chip memory, etc.). For an efficient exploration of its design space, we need fast scheduling and timing(More)
OrgAhead is a computational model of organizational learning and decision-making. The simulated organization consists of agents whose communication structure resembles hierarchies and whose primary goals are to learn the correct decision or answer to one or more tasks, or objective functions (e.g. typically the majority classification task); we refer to(More)