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Time-to-market pressure and the ever-growing design complexity of multiprocessor system-on-chips have demanded an efficient design environment that enables fast exploration of large design space. In this article, we introduce a new design environment, called SoCDAL, for accelerating multiprocessor system-on-chip design through fast design-space exploration(More)
Coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures (CGRAs) have drawn increasing attention due to their performance and flexibility. However, their applications have been restricted to domains based on integer arithmetic since typical CGRAs support only integer arithmetic or logical operations. This paper introduces approaches to mapping applications onto CGRAs(More)
On-chip communication design includes designing software (SW) parts (operating system, device drivers, interrupt service routines, etc.) as well as hardware (HW) parts (on-chip communication network, communication interfaces of processor/IP/memory, on-chip memory, etc.). For an efficient exploration of its design space, we need fast scheduling and timing(More)
In this paper, we present an automated bus matrix synthesis flow for efficient system-on-chip communication design space exploration at the transaction level. Especially, we consider hardware interface design, since it affects overall system cost and performance. Depending on the bus interface, a hardware block can be a master or a slave. We propose a(More)
Coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures have drawn increasing attention due to their merits in performance and flexibility. Typically, they have many processing elements in the form of an array, which is suitable for implementing spatial redundancy used for fault-tolerant systems design. This paper presents a purely software-level approach to(More)
Coarse-grained reconfigurable array architectures have drawn increasing attention due to their good performance and flexibility. In general, they show high performance for compute-intensive kernel code, but cannot handle control-intensive parts efficiently, thereby degrading the overall performance. In this paper, we present automatic mapping of(More)
In this paper, we propose a coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture, which supports both integer type application domain and floating-point type application domain. Our coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture has an 8x8 array of integer processing elements to execute 64 integer operations or 32 floating-point operations in parallel. In order to show(More)