Ganghee Lee

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Time-to-market pressure and the ever-growing design complexity of multiprocessor system-on-chips have demanded an efficient design environment that enables fast exploration of large design space. In this article, we introduce a new design environment, called SoCDAL, for accelerating multiprocessor system-on-chip design through fast design-space exploration(More)
On-chip communication design includes designing software (SW) parts (operating system, device drivers, interrupt service routines, etc.) as well as hardware (HW) parts (on-chip communication network, communication interfaces of processor/IP/memory, on-chip memory, etc.). For an efficient exploration of its design space, we need fast scheduling and timing(More)
In this paper, we propose a coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture, which supports both integer type application domain and floating-point type application domain. Our coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture has an 8x8 array of integer processing elements to execute 64 integer operations or 32 floating-point operations in parallel. In order to show(More)
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