Gangfeng Liu

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A modified genetic algorithm for global path planning of searching robot in mine disasters is proposed in this paper. The grid model is built based on the mine GIS (Geographic Information System) which can be obtained from the mine in advance. Using the position information feedback from the Ant Colony Optimization and priority grouping, we present a new(More)
To provide reasonable reference trajectories for frog inspired robot, the bionic trajectory generation was studied in this paper. Though joint trajectories vary with different motion modes, joint speeds are too fast and tuned with the musculoskeletal system. However, mechanical structures of bionic robot are simplified and diver abilities limit the speed,(More)
Aiming at mimicking water strider's water-surface locomotion, this study proposes a new miniature surface tension-driven robot. A key feature of this robot is that its actuating legs possess ellipse-like spatial trajectories like water strider by using a cam-link mechanism, and never pierces water surface when rowing. A set of simple models and equations(More)
This paper introduces novel modern equipment-a lower extremity exoskeleton, which can implement the mutual complement and the interaction between human intelligence and the robot's mechanical strength. In order to provide a reference for the exoskeleton structure and the drive unit, the human biomechanics were modeled and analyzed by LifeModeler and Adams(More)
Since the semantic relationship between words is neglected, the results of the text clustering algorithms that only use word frequency are not precision. In this paper, a semantic tree based text clustering algorithm which is based on WordNet is proposed. In order to reduce the time complexity, we adopt parallel algorithm in multi-processes model. This(More)
The highly efficient and agile water-surface locomotion of water striders has attracted substantial research attention. Compared with imitating the horizontal rowing motion, imitating the jumping capability of water striders is much more challenging because the strong interaction in the jumping process easily causes the robot to sink. This study focuses on(More)
Tremor usually occurs in a patient's upper limb with a roughly sinusoidal profile. Understanding the inner mechanism of the involuntary movement is fundamental to improving tremor suppression treatments. Therefore, the musculoskeletal model of the elbow joint was developed in this study. Initially, healthy subjects were selected to simulate tremor and the(More)