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A thermodynamic analogy allows bibliometric research assessment of information production processes to be based on a scalar indicator which is an energy-like term called exergy. Derived from standard indicators like impact, citations and number of papers, the exergy indicator X is a multiplicative product of quality and quantity of a scientist’s or group’s(More)
We propose an indicator to “measure” the extent to which co-publication through international collaboration enhances the value of scientific output of an organisation or agency performing academic research. A second order approach is used which combines a quality proxy (impact) and a quantity or size proxy (number of papers published) to yield a trinity of(More)
Quantitative assessment of information production processes requires the definition of a robust citation performance indicator. This is particularly so where there is a need to introduce a normalization mechanism for correcting for quality across field and disciplines. In this paper, we offer insights from the “thermodynamic” approach in terms of quality,(More)