Gangadhar Tiwari

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This paper reports the results of a study that explored the relationship between fatal crashes and conflict rates at mid-block on 14 locations in Delhi, India. All locations had a mix of motorized and non-motorized traffic. The sites were selected to represent low, medium and high fatality rates. The analysis was done in two stages. The first stage used(More)
This paper proposes a novel compression combined digital image watermarking scheme based on singular value replacement technique. Image compression is achieved using Huffman encoding technique. Huffman encoding is an entropy encoding algorithm offering lossless image compression. The proposed watermarking scheme combines Integer wavelet transform (IWT) with(More)
In the present era of Internet multimedia data especially Images and Videos are the most widely used digital format for data transmission. However due to their large data sizes and constraint of low bandwidth capacity of communication channel it is very difficult to transmit them at optimum speed maintaining the signal quality. Compression therefore, is a(More)
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