Gang Zou

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A wireless sensor network has been designed and deployed to gather data from nodes deployed inside glaciers. This paper describes the solutions to power management, radio communications and other challenges faced in the system together with a discussion of the performance of the final system. 18 months of data have now been received, which provide an(More)
<i>Wireless sensor networks</i> demand the need to design practical and robust communication protocols to meet the application specifications. Our research focuses on designing and implementing an <i>environmental sensor network</i> to be used for sub-glacial study. The glacier is a very hostile environment presenting severe challenges and complications in(More)
OBJECTIVES Stem cell transplantation has been reported to rescue ovarian function in a preclinical mouse model of chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure (POF); however, maintaining the survival and self-renewal of transplanted seed cells in ovarian tissues over the long-term remains a troublesome issue. In this study we aimed to determine whether(More)
A reaction probability is required to calculate the rate constant of a diffusion-dominated reaction. Due to the complicated geometry and potentially high dimension of the reaction probability problem, it is usually solved by a Brownian dynamics simulation, also known as a random walk or path integral method, instead of solving the equivalent partial(More)
Pluripotent human amniotic fluid cells (HuAFCs) can differentiate into various types of somatic cell in vitro. However, their differentiation into oocyte-like cells has never been described to the best of our knowledge. In the present study, differentiation of E-cadherin+ and E-cadherin- HuAFC sub-populations into oocyte-like cells was induced via culture(More)
The chorionicity-based evaluation of the perinatal risk in twin pregnancies after assisted reproductive technology (ART) is lacking. A retrospective review was performed of all twin pregnancies monitored prenatally and delivered at our hospital between 2010 and 2014. Chorionicity was diagnosed by ultrasound examination at first trimester and confirmed by(More)
A highly enantioselective α-amination of 3-substituted oxindoles with azodicarboxylates catalyzed by amino acids-derived chiral phosphine catalysts is reported. The corresponding products containing a tetrasubstituted carbon center attached to a nitrogen atom at the C-3 position of the oxindole were obtained in high yields and with up to 98% ee.