Gang-Wook Shin

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In this paper, a real-coded genetic algorithm is proposed for identification of time delay systems from step responses. FOPDT (First-Order Plus Dead-Time) and SOPDT (SecondOrder Plus Dead-Time) systems, which are the most useful processes in this field, but are difficult for system identification because of a long dead-time problem and a model mismatch(More)
Ultrasonic concentration meters have widely been used at water purification, sewage treatment and waste water treatment plants to sort and transfer high concentration sludges and to control the amount of chemical dosage. When an unusual substance is contained in the sludge, however, the attenuation of ultrasonic waves could be increased or not be(More)
The Four Major River Restoration Project in South Korea contributes to solving flood damages and water shortages. It purpose is for the rehabilitation of water ecosystems, providing more cultural leisure activities and spaces, and improving peoples' quality of life by inducing water quality improvements and river restorations. As part of the project, it is(More)
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