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A few suggestions to World Journal of Gastroenterology
To the Editor, It is of great pleasure to learn that WJG has developed into one of the important journals to the field of gastronenterology studies worldwide. Thank you for providing such anExpand
A gene encoding an apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease-like protein is up-regulated in human gastric cancer
AIM: To identify the gene that may predispose to human gastric cancer and to analyze its expression in gastric cancer and non-tumorous gastric mucosa.METHODS: Cancer, para-tumor, and non-tumorExpand
A novel gene, GCRG224, is differentially expressed in human gastric mucosa
AIM: To clone genes that may predispose us to humangastric cancer and to analyze it's expression in gastric tissues.METHODS: Specimens of paired tumor, paratumor andnormal gastric mucosa tissuesExpand