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In this paper, analysis to the temperature rise in three ULSI interconnect structures of 50nm node technology have been carried out by using the compact quasi-analytic model we developed. Although the error in analyzing structure I is increased to 7.7%, the results still mean much for temperature rise prediction in interconnect design. Thick interlayer is(More)
This paper established a new layered model to calculate the theoretical dispersion curve of SAWs propagating on the periodic porous SiO<sub>2</sub> film on the Si substrate. In this model the periodic nanoporous SiO<sub>2</sub> film is treated as transversal isotropic structure. Based on this model the properties of SAWs propagating on the surface of(More)
We propose a new structure of Schottky rectifier, named trapezoid mesa trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifier (TM-TMBS). By 2D numerical simulations, both forward and especially better reverse I&#x2013;V characteristics, including higher breakdown voltage and lower leakage current, were demonstrated and explained comparing to regular TMBS as well as(More)
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