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We present a real-time liveness detection approach against photograph spoofing in face recognition, by recognizing spontaneous eyeblinks, which is a non-intrusive manner. The approach requires no extra hardware except for a generic webcamera. Eyeblink sequences often have a complex underlying structure. We formulate blink detection as inference in an(More)
Gesture-based interaction, as a natural way for human-computer interaction , has a wide range of applications in ubiquitous computing environment. This paper presents an acceleration-based gesture recognition approach, called FDSVM (Frame-based Descriptor and multi-class SVM), which needs only a wearable 3-dimensional accelerometer. With FDSVM, firstly, the(More)
Industry We have performed an in-depth analysis of the chameleon carrier problem, and have identified the causes as well as potential solutions. Our team also has years of combined knowledge regarding motor carrier credentials and associated fees and taxes. We performed an analysis of various Kentucky Department of Vehicle Regulation (DVR) fees and taxes(More)
Object detection systems based on the deep convolu-tional neural network (CNN) have recently made groundbreaking advances on several object detection benchmarks. While the features learned by these high-capacity neural networks are discriminative for categorization, inaccurate localization is still a major source of error for detection. Building upon(More)
In this paper we address face authentication based on profiles extracted from range data. Three kinds of profiles are defined, then extracted, and are combined to classify. For obtaining central profile, a novel robust symmetry plane detection method is proposed. A global profile matching approach based on the partial Hausdorff metric is presented to align(More)
This paper investigates facial expression effects in face recognition from 3D shape using partial ICP. The partial ICP method could implicitly and dynamically extract the rigid parts of facial surface by selecting a part of nearest points pairs to calculate dissimilarity measure during registration of facial surfaces. The method is expected to be able to(More)
This study screened microRNAs (miRNAs) that are abnormally expressed in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) tissues to identify PTC and nodular goiter and the degree of PTC malignancy. A total of 51 thyroid tumor tissue specimens paired with adjacent normal thyroid tissues were obtained from the Department of Surgical Oncology of Hangzhou First People's(More)
HIV-1 RNA viral load has become the major biological marker for disease prognosis and outcome of antiretroviral therapy in the treatment of HIV-infected individuals. The aim of this study was to compare the performance of the new CE marked NucliSens EasyQ HIV-1 assay with NucliSens HIV-1 QT assay (reference method). NucliSens EasyQ HIV-1 (EasyQ) couples(More)