Gang-Neng Sung

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This brief presents an all-digital frequency synthesizer based on the flying adder (FA) architecture. The FA is a fascinating architecture for frequency synthesizer designs due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The FA-based frequency synthesizer can simply use a set of multiple phase reference signals to generate a desired frequency to achieve fast(More)
A handheld DVB-T TV with a 3.5” LCD panel for mobile entertainment is presented in this work. A dualboard design is used in such a TV receiver. An MPEGII hardware decoder is included to decode the received signals and generate crystal clear terrestrial broadcast DVB-T DTV programs. In addition, an automatic antenna signal detection method is proposed to(More)
This work demonstrates a real-time bridge structure health monitoring device (HMD) with using three 1-axis accelerometers, Gateway, and analog to digital converter (ADC). The proposed HMD achieves the features of low cost and data synchronization of three 1-axis accelerometers. Furthermore, we develop a packet acquisition program to receive the data from(More)
A low-power sensorless inverter controller is designed for brushless DC (BLDC) motors without using any Hall sensor. A back-EMF (back-electromotive force) estimation method is adopted to detect the commutation moment for rotation control of the brushless DC motors. The position of the rotor can be precisely estimated by measuring the back-EMF as well as the(More)
A codec (encoder-decoder) design for interfacing variable-length and fixed-length data conversion is proposed in this paper. The poor memory efficiency of the variable-length compression approach can be avoided while its advantages can be preserved. The introduction of the proposed codec converts the variable-length symbols into fixed-length packets which(More)