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— A handheld DVB-T TV with a 3.5 " LCD panel for mobile entertainment is presented in this work. A dual-board design is used in such a TV receiver. An MPEGII hardware decoder is included to decode the received signals and generate crystal clear terrestrial broadcast DVB-T DTV programs. In addition, an automatic antenna signal detection method is proposed to(More)
This work demonstrates a real-time bridge structure health monitoring device (HMD) with using three 1-axis accelerometers, Gateway, and analog to digital converter (ADC). The proposed HMD achieves the features of low cost and data synchronization of three 1-axis accelerometers. Furthermore, we develop a packet acquisition program to receive the data from(More)
A codec (encoder-decoder) design for interfacing variable-length and fixed-length data conversion is proposed in this paper. The poor memory efficiency of the variable-length compression approach can be avoided while its advantages can be preserved. The introduction of the proposed codec converts the variable-length symbols into fixed-length packets which(More)