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High mobility group protein A2 (HMGA2) is an architectural transcription factor that plays an important role in development and progression of malignant neoplasias. Recently, some studies reported that HMGA2 is also implicated in epithelial–mesenchymal transitions (EMT) and cancer stem cells. But the underlying mechanisms of these conditions are poorly(More)
We prove that every C 1 diffeomorphism away from homoclinic tangencies is entropy expansive, with locally uniform expansivity constant. Consequently, such diffeomorphisms satisfy Shub's entropy conjecture: the entropy is bounded from below by the spectral radius in homology. Moreover , they admit principal symbolic extensions, and the topological entropy(More)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a prevalent disease worldwide and during its conventional treatment, vascular complications remain unavoidable. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (GBP) is able to induce the remission of T2DM. However, studies of duodenal-jejunal bypass (DJB), a modified procedure of GBP, are being carried out to investigate its ability to induce(More)
Several examples on Pd-catalysed carbonylation of methyl C(sp3)-H bonds with gaseous CO via Pd(II)/Pd(0) catalysis have been reported. However, methylene C(sp3)-H carbonylation remains a great challenge, largely due to the lack of reactivity of C-H bonds and the difficulty in CO migratory insertion. Herein, we report the stereoselective alkoxycarbonylation(More)
In bioinformatics applications, suffix arrays are widely used to DNA sequence alignments in the initial exact match phase of heuristic algorithms. With the exponential growth and availability of data, using many-core accelerators, like GPUs, to optimize existing algorithms is very common. We present a new implementation of suffix array on GPU. As a result,(More)
—In this paper, a contrastive evaluation of massively parallel implementations of suffix tree and suffix array to accelerate genome sequence matching are proposed based on Intel Core i7 3770K quad-core and NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 GPU. Besides suffix array only held approximately 20%∼30% of the space relative to suffix tree, the coalesced binary search and(More)
This paper provides an overview and information useful for reconstructing bidirectional sieve for hybrid parallelization based on SMP Cluster, which is the individual computational units joined together by the communication network, are usually shared-memory system with one or more multicore processor. The main emphasis is placed on the problem of(More)
In this paper, we focus on the need for two approaches to optimize producer and consumer synchronization for auto-parallelizing compiler. Emphasis is placed on the construction of a criterion model by which the compiler reduce the number of synchronization operations needed to synchronize the dependence in a loop and perform optimization reduces the(More)
This paper examines a new measure of bidirectional sieve in hybrid parallelism based on SMP Cluster, which is the individual computational units joined together by the communication network, are usually shared-memory systems with one or more multicore processors. to high-efficiency optimization, we propose average allocate data into nodes and generate(More)