Gang Liao

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High mobility group protein A2 (HMGA2) is an architectural transcription factor that plays an important role in development and progression of malignant neoplasias. Recently, some studies reported that HMGA2 is also implicated in epithelial–mesenchymal transitions (EMT) and cancer stem cells. But the underlying mechanisms of these conditions are poorly(More)
In this paper, we focus on the need for two approaches to optimize producer and consumer synchronization for auto-parallelizing compiler. Emphasis is placed on the construction of a criterion model by which the compiler reduce the number of synchronization operations needed to synchronize the dependence in a loop and perform optimization reduces the(More)
In this computer era of rapid development, software development can be seen everywhere, but a lot of softwares are dead in modern development of software. Just as The Mythical Man-Month said, it exists a problem in the software development, and the problem is interflow. A lock of interflow can be said great calamity. Clustering is a environment to breed new(More)
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