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With the development of urban traffic, taxi accounts for a large proportion to serve people's daily travel. Besides prebooked taxis, flagged taxis also run in many places of the world, allowing passengers to wave at the driver on the side of the road to flag down the taxi as it is approaching. For flagged taxis service, taxi drivers' passenger-refusal (TPR)(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Bio-Gide in MGBR (membrane guided bone regeneration ) in the anterior maxilla dental implant therapy. METHODS Fifty five cases underwent dental implant therapy in the anterior maxilla with insufficient maxillary anterior bone, including 29 patients with embedded 40 implants using MGBR and(More)
Getting back to previously viewed web pages is a common yet uneasy task for users due to the large volume of personally accessed information on the web. This paper leverages human&#x0027;s natural recall process of using episodic and semantic memory cues to facilitate recall, and presents a personal web revisitation technique called <italic>(More)
Personal photo revisitation on smart phones is a common yet uneasy task for users due to the large volume of photos taken in daily life. Inspired by the human memory and its natural recall characteristics, we build a personal photo revisitation tool, PhotoPrev, to facilitate users to revisit previous photos through associated memory cues. To mimic users’(More)
To evaluate the effects of alveolar ridge preservation with Bio-Oss bone substitute (Geistlich Pharma) on delayed implant osseointegration. The 3rd and 4th left and right mandibular premolars were extracted from four adult healthy male and female dogs. For the experimental group, we randomly selected two extraction sockets in each dog to be filled with(More)
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