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Simultaneous Timing Driven Clustering and Placement for FPGAs
This paper presents an algorithm named SCPlace that performs simultaneous clustering and placement to minimize both the total wirelength and longest path delay, and incorporates a recently proposed path counting-based net weighting scheme. Expand
Simultaneous timing-driven placement and duplication
An algorithm that performs simultaneous placement and duplication to minimize the longest path delay is presented and the notion of feasible region and super feasible region is introduced to improve the critical path monotonicity from a global perspective. Expand
Simultaneous logic decomposition with technology mapping in FPGA designs
An algorithm named SLDMap is presented that performs delay-minimized technology mapping on a large set of decompositions and simultaneously controls the mapping area under delay constraints and consistently outperforms the state-of-the-art combined approach dogma. Expand
Best tracking and regulation performance under control effort constraint
This paper studies optimal tracking and regulation control problems, in which objective functions of tracking error and regulated response are to be minimized jointly with the control effort, where the latter is measured by the plant input energy. Expand
Structural framework and its evolution in Chasang area of Qiangtang Basin in northern Tibetan
Through comprehensive research on the various geophysical and geological data acquired recently, we consider that the Chasang area in the western uplift of Qiangtang is a huge south-dipping blockExpand
Numerical Analysis of the Interaction Between a Fixed FPSO Benchmark Model and Focused Waves
To study the requested blind test, the in-house two-phase flow solver naoe-FOAM-SJTU is applied to simulate the wave-structure interaction problem between focused waves and the FPSO benchmark model, showing a good correlation when comparing the numerical wave elevation results of focused waves with the corresponding experimental results. Expand
Mathematical modeling for local trans-round window membrane drug transport in the inner ear
A mathematical model based on Fick’s diffusion law and the single-compartment model following extravascular administration facilitated the prediction of the permeation profiles of different drugs while trans-RWM. Expand
Superconvergent Interpolatory HDG Methods for Reaction Diffusion Equations I: An HDGk Method
This work revisits the Interpolatory HDG method for reaction diffusion problems, and uses the postprocessed approximate solution to evaluate the nonlinear term, and proves this simple change restores the superconvergence and keeps the computational advantages of the interpolatoryHDG method. Expand
An overlapping bubbles partition method in aerated water flows
Experimental results show that the proposed overlapping bubble splitting method can split the overlapping bubbles efficiently and improve the accuracy of the bubble characteristic analysis in aerated water flows. Expand
Generalized Uncooperative Planar Game Theory Model for Water Distribution in Transboundary Rivers
A generalized uncooperative planar game theory model is developed to aid in analyzing transboundary river water distribution scenarios, in which the concept of diplomatic cost is proposed originally. Expand