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Today, despite the increasing demand for advanced application-oriented personnel, corresponding education seems to be lagging behind. Drawing on the experience of German project instruction and combining years of teaching, the author introduced the mode of inter-school open-ended project instruction, aiming to solving the emerging issues of popular(More)
Despite the increasing social demands for senior application-oriented talents, the corresponding training and education seems to be lagging far behind. Drawing on the experience of German project instruction, and our experiences in the mode of open-ended project-based instruction, we propose to implement the open-ended project-based instruction mode into(More)
With the rapid development of information technology, web-based teaching system emerges, and is wildly applied in distance education, but at present the model of web-based teaching system is single, can not show the equity of education, and improve the quality of network-education, so this text through introducing that XML and Web mining technology will be(More)
Based on an analysis and study of micro lecture teaching and status of the construction of micro-lecture platform at both home and abroad, a responsive mobile micro-lecture online learning platform is established under the guidance of the Constructivist Learning Theory. The platform is an extended version of the network-based micro-lecture, consistent to(More)
In order to realize the digital management of research projects, scientific research achievements and forms for reporting statistics, etc. in universities and research institutions, scientific research management system based on B/S mode has been designed and implemented by adopting the ASP technology. Several key technologies analyzed in this article(More)
Display platform for bamboo product based on web provides an integrated model for users for sharing and cognitive. That platform sets the design, display, learning, evaluation, communication and marketing of bamboo products as one. According to the source materials of China's Township and based on the analysis of the existing domestic and international(More)
Based on the project-learning and the constructivist learning theory, an experimental project teaching mode is proposed with the help of computer network technologies. It offers the students an autonomous and open-ended learning platform, as well as an independent study and teaching management combined environment. This mode stimulates the students'(More)
With the improvement of network environment, learning concept under network environment become more and more popular and many teaching method reforms have also been stimulated. Drawing on the experience of German project instruction and combining years of teaching, the author introduced project instruction mode based on Internet. The article demonstrates(More)
Based on the constructivist learning theory, and in close combination with the construction of exquisite course “university physics” of Zhejiang province, we established a network-based autonomous and collaborative CAI learning system. It offers the users a new learning environment, in which the students and teachers are able to communicate(More)
Computational fluid dynamics has become increasingly important for performance evaluation in the product development process. Computer visualization provides an efficient way to assess the performance of a product. The sonification feedback of CAD system analysis, in addition to the visual interface, can increase the amount of information the user receives,(More)