Ganesh Srinivasan

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In this paper, a loop-back test scheme for RF transceivers using optimized periodic bit streams is presented. In this approach, optimized periodic bitstreams modulated at baseband are sent through RF transmit subsystem, and the transmitter output is looped back into the receiver using the proposed test architecture. The corresponding test response is(More)
Wafer-level diagnosis’ of RF systems at production test sites is difficult and incurs high investment cost. One possible solution for integrated RF transceivers is to loop-back the transmitted RF signal to the receiver input thereby enabling source and measure capabilities at lower frequencies using DC probe cards integrated to standard low cost test(More)
Present day needs of RF IC manufactures for EVM tests in production testing from engineering and customer perspectives strongly demands massive parallel testing. This paper presents an industry development and deployment approach of octal-site, OFDM based broadband EVM tests on low-cost ATE platforms. Results obtained from an octal-site EVM solution for a(More)
In this paper, a novel algorithm has been proposed to measure system specifications of an integrated transmitter, which capture the non-linearities of the system-under-test. The measurement of these specifications is important, as these determine the amount of “interference” created by the transmitting system in adjacent channels while transmitting data in(More)
Measurement of Multi-Tone Power Ratio (MTPR) on the transmitter output of a central office ADSL analog front end device (AFE) poses stringent requirements on the linearity of the ATE digitizer. Cost of the ATE digitizer that can perform this test in a specification compliant manner is prohibitively high. In this paper, a test technique to perform TX MTPR(More)
Error-vector-magnitude (EVM) is a system level specification that determines the overall modulation quality and exhibits strong correlation to the inherent nonidealities of a radio frequency (RF) system. In production testing, EVM tests incur significant cost due to the large number of symbols required to ensure test quality. In our approach, EVM is(More)