Ganesh Ramanathan

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— Concurrency is an integral part of many robotics applications, due to the need for handling inherently parallel tasks such as motion control and sensor monitoring. Writing programs for this complex domain can be hard, in particular because of the difficulties of retaining a robust modular design. We propose to use SCOOP, an object-oriented programming(More)
Household electrical energy consumption represents a major chunk of the total demand. This demand is also exhibiting steady increase whereas supplies are struggling to keep up. This poses two key challenges to Demand-Side Management (DSM) – achieving unrealized energy savings and, reducing peak loads. Energy saving in households has not yet achieved its(More)
Robotics engineering is a unique inter-disciplinary field where specializations like Mechanical, Electronics and Software Engineering merge coherently to provide the most tangible result – physical movements and actions with a purpose. For software engineers, this provides an opportunity to see their program in action, literally. Hitherto use of(More)
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