Ganesh Ramanathan

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Concurrency is an integral part of many robotics applications, due to the need for handling inherently parallel tasks such as motion control and sensor monitoring. Writing programs for this complex domain can be hard, in particular because of the difficulties of retaining a robust modular design. We propose to use SCOOP, an object-oriented programming model(More)
Overview Robotic controls involve intricate coordination of data and behavioral aspects between the sensor, the execution logic and actuators. Many of these interactions, apart from executing concurrently, need to coordinate with one another. Traditional programming paradigms with threading and messaging provide a solution but the elegance of the object(More)
Absolute or functional iron (Fe) deficiency is an important determinant of anemia in hemodialysis patients and parenteral Fe is routinely used to treat this condition in conjunction with erythropoiesis stimulating agents. While restoration of hemoglobin toward the target range is a good outcome of Fe replacement, it is well known that Fe overload and(More)
Concurrent programming brings functional and performance benefits to not just software applications, but also to control of actions in robots. But, as with traditional software applications, concurrent programming carries along the well-known problems like race condition, starvation and deadlock. When such pitfalls manifest themselves in robotic control, it(More)
AIM Acute postinfectious glomerulonephritis is common in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, Australia. It is a major risk factor for the high prevalence of chronic kidney disease. We aimed to analyse the clinical presentation, pathological spectra, treatment and outcomes of biopsy-proven acute postinfectious glomerulonephritis in the Northern(More)
Robotics engineering is a unique inter-disciplinary field where specializations like Mechanical, Electronics and Software Engineering merge coherently to provide the most tangible result – physical movements and actions with a purpose. For software engineers, this provides an opportunity to see their program in action, literally. Hitherto use of(More)
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