Ganesh Prasad Bhat

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In an attempt to search for new antimalarial drugs, we studied plants used by traditional healers of southwest India to treat malaria. Aqueous and organic solvent extracts obtained from specific parts of the plants Swertia chirata, Carica papaya, and Citrus sinensis were tested on malaria strain Plasmodium falciparum FCK 2 in vitro. The temperatures of(More)
Cell migration is a common cellular process in angiogenesis and tumor metastasis. Rudhira/BCAS3 (Breast Cancer Amplified Sequence 3) is a conserved protein expressed in the embryonic vasculature and malignant tumors. Here, we show for the first time that Rudhira plays an active role in directional cell migration. Rudhira depletion in endothelial cells(More)
Design-based learning (DBL) has many affordances for promoting deep and lasting learning of both content and complex skills. However, careful orchestration and scaffolding are usually needed to achieve its full potential. In this paper, we describe our efforts at implementing a software suite to meet the cognitive and meta-cognitive needs of learners(More)
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