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Cytogenetic study of a 3-year-old girl with developmental delay and some minor abnormalities revealed a complex chromosome rearrangement (CCR) involving seven chromosomes with eight breakpoints, leading to monosomy of segment 5q15-q22. According to breakpoint distribution, CCRs may be classified as those with primary intrachromosomal abnormalities(More)
Chromosomal abnormalities are the basis for a substantial proportion of human morbidity and mortality. During the past 35 years, the field of human cytogenetics has helped to elucidate the etiology of many congenital malformation/mental retardation syndromes. Through adaptation of technological advances and integration of molecular biological techniques,(More)
Thermal management of integrated circuit (IC) and system-in-package (SIP) has gained importance as the power density and requirement for IC design have increased and need exists to analyse the heat dissipation performance characteristics of IC under use. In this paper, the authors examine the thermal characteristics of materials of IC. The authors leverage(More)
With the ability of MATLAB to run in the cloud environment the authors analyse a retinal image efficiently. A quick and on-the-fly image processing is the cause for leveraging the ability of Cloud with the classic computing power of MATLAB. This cloud-based image processing has significantly saved on the cost of procuring resources and it has processed an(More)
Karyotypic discrepancy among four different cell types is described in tissues derived from a pregnancy terminated because of chromosomal anomalies. Chorionic villus cells demonstrated 46,XX (direct preparation) and 46,XX/47,XX,+mar1 (cultured cells) karyotypes, while fetal skin fibroblasts had a karyotype of 47,XX,+18 and the placenta showed a triple(More)
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