Ganesh P. Sahu

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The era of globalization has presented new opportunities for improved governance domestically and internationally, including new insights into international political alliances and practices. IGI Global's dedication to presenting the most up-to-date research on topics relating to international governance tools, platforms, and practices. *E-book access is(More)
Research by Clausen et al [8] underscored that in order to operate effectively, public institutions must inspire confidence in those they serve. The low level of confidence of Indians and world community in the transparency and efficacy of the government machinery is reflected in the Transparency [46] and competitive rankings [49] which preclude effective(More)
The growth in the educational sector has led to the foundation of various Universities/Institutes world-wide. Transportation being a key component to connect the students, requires a smart monitoring system to estimate the perfect utilization of the resource of the organisation. The proposed system brings a Smart Informant System (SIS) consist of two(More)
The turn of century saw ICT technologies making inroads into our lives. The governments world over are trying to use this medium for reaching out to their citizenry. This migration has been partly driven by transparency, efficiency and wider-access related benefits accrued by automation of government functions. E-Government Procurement (E-GP) is one such(More)
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