Ganesh N. Pandian

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Cellular reprogramming involves profound alterations in genome-wide gene expression that is precisely controlled by a hypothetical epigenetic code. Small molecules have been shown to artificially induce epigenetic modifications in a sequence independent manner. Recently, we showed that specific DNA binding hairpin pyrrole-imidazole polyamides (PIPs) could(More)
The influential role of the epigenome in orchestrating genome-wide transcriptional activation instigates the demand for the artificial genetic switches with distinct DNA sequence recognition. Recently, we developed a novel class of epigenetically active small molecules called SAHA-PIPs by conjugating selective DNA binding pyrrole-imidazole polyamides (PIPs)(More)
Recent scientific breakthroughs in stem cell biology suggest that a sustainable treatment approach to cure diabetes mellitus (DM) can be achieved in the near future. However, the transplantation complexities and the difficulty in obtaining the stem cells from adult cells of pancreas, liver, bone morrow and other cells is a major concern. The epoch-making(More)
Natural epigenetic processes precisely orchestrate the intricate gene network by expressing and suppressing genes at the right place and time, thereby playing an essential role in maintaining the cellular homeostasis. Environment-mediated alteration of this natural epigenomic pattern causes abnormal cell behavior and shifts the cell from the normal to a(More)
Fluorophores that are conjugated with N-methylpyrrole-N-methylimidazole (Py-Im) polyamides postulates versatile applications in biological and physicochemical studies. Here, we show the design and synthesis of new types of pyrene-conjugated hairpin Py-Im polyamides (1-5). We evaluated the steady state fluorescence of the synthesized conjugates (1-5) in the(More)
N-(4-Chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-2-ethoxybenzamide (CTB) is a small molecule that functions by altering the chromatin architecture to modulate gene expression. We report a new CTB derivative with increased solubility and demonstrate CTB's functionality by conjugating it on the recently established NanoScript platform to enhance gene expression and(More)
An integrated multi-target small molecule capable of altering dynamic epigenetic and transcription programs associated with the brain and nervous system has versatile applications in the regulation of therapeutic and cell-fate genes. Recently, we have been constructing targeted epigenetic ON switches by integrating sequence-specific DNA binding(More)
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